The developer has taken to Nostr to explain why any NFT project using his name does not have his authorization.

Prolific Bitcoin Core developer Luke Dashjr has publicly declared his disavowment of any Ordinal project associated with his name. 

In a post on the decentralized social media platform Nostr, Dashjr clarified his involvement in the projects, saying that “I have not consented to the use of my code or my name for this purpose. Instead, 3rd parties are marketing my name and my code for their own monetary gain.”

Dashjr also noted that the sellers of the NFTs have reached out to him in what he interprets as a bribe, writing that “The public should also be aware that the seller and/or auction site offered me a donation of 90% of the auction proceeds “should I choose to accept” it. I feel this is a clear attempt to: (1) bribe me into silence; and/or (2) obtain my consent after the fact. I will not accept such payment at the expense of the public who are being misled. I will not accept any such ‘donation.’”

The Core developer has previously expressed his dislike and frustration with the Ordinals project, calling it spam and an attack on Bitcoin.

Dashjr expressed his strong desire for the proceeds of the purchase to be refunded to the buyer. He concluded with a message addressing both his situation and what he feels may impact other figures in the Bitcoin space, saying “I felt obligated to speak out, not just for myself, but for other Bitcoin devs who are being placed in similar situations. The amount of money we have been offered as ‘donations’ for acquiescing to what is taking place is considerable. I do not condone it. I do not consent to the use of my name or code for this grift. I want the public to be aware of where I stand.”

“I want to do whatever I can do to limit the damage which will inevitably be caused by this confusing and misleading behavior.”

The post may be a sign of necessary conversation in regards to rights and ownership of what is being uploaded to the Bitcoin blockchain via the Ordinals protocol.


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