Block CEO Jack Dorsey recently predicted Bitcoin could reach a price of „at least $1 million“ by 2030. 

Since stepping down from Twitter, now X, Dorsey has become a leading Bitcoin advocate, taking part in various Bitcoin and Nostr-related initiatives.

In an recent interview with journalist Mike Solana, Dorsey cited the collaborative Bitcoin ecosystem as a key driver of his bullish 2030 forecast. 

He stated that anyone contributing to Bitcoin is „making the entire ecosystem better, which makes the price go up.“ 

His forecast echoes others like Cathie Wood who see Bitcoin reaching above $1 million this decade as institutional investors embrace it as „digital gold.“

Dorsey highlighted that Bitcoin’s censorship-resistant qualities, not just the price, make it compelling. He recently exited Bluesky’s board over concerns it was deviating from decentralization.

The former Twitter CEO has onincreased his focus on Bitcoin since stepping down. His financial services company Block is also dedicating 10% of Bitcoin-related revenue to acquiring more BTC

He also praised Nostr, a decentralized social media protocol. He has been donating millions to Nostr and Bitcoin open-source projects.

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Dorsey is among Bitcoin’s most influential advocates. The interview covered his experience with Twitter’s challenges in maintaining openness, given its centralized architecture. He believes truly decentralized networks like Bitcoin and Nostr are critical for freedom.

By predicting a million-dollar Bitcoin, Dorsey expresses conviction in Bitcoin’s role as a global, transparent financial system enabled by cryptography rather than centralized intermediaries.


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