Bitcoin Beach, in collaboration with Geyser and the Federation of Bitcoin Circular Economies (FBCE), has announced the Bitcoin Beach Grants round, aimed at advancing Bitcoin circular economies globally. This initiative aims to support emerging Bitcoin circular economies seeking growth through local Bitcoin education, merchant adoption, and community initiatives with Bitcoin.

Participants in the Bitcoin Beach Grants stand to gain from educational resources, grant funding, and continuous mentorship to elevate their local Bitcoin circular economy endeavors.

The application process will see participants engage in a series of online workshops, followed by an online application phase where a global evaluation panel will identify the recipients. Detailed information on workshop schedules, application timelines, and funding criteria will soon be accessible, according to the announcement.

A total of 0.5 BTC (worth $31,129 at the time of writing) is earmarked for this grant round and will be distributed across 22 projects as follows:

  • 2 grants of .05 BTC
  • 10 grants of .02 BTC
  • 10 grants of .01 BTC

The Bitcoin Beach Grants offer educational resources, grant funding, and ongoing mentorship to boost local Bitcoin circular economy efforts. Participants will engage in online workshops and submit applications for evaluation by a global panel, with detailed timelines and criteria soon to be available.

Additionally, a 0.1 BTC reserve will be allocated based on decisions made by the global evaluation panel post-application review. This reserve aims to support as many qualifying projects as possible, ensuring a broad impact across Bitcoin circular economies.

Bitcoin Beach in El Zonte, El Salvador, serves as a pivotal model for this initiative, being among the pioneers of Bitcoin circular economies and influencing Bitcoin’s acceptance as legal tender in El Salvador. Together with Geyser’s crowdfunding platform and FBCE’s mission to propel Bitcoin circular economies globally, this grant seeks to replicate Bitcoin Beach’s success in more communities worldwide, tailored to each region’s specific needs and priorities.

Those interested in applying for the round of Bitcoin Beach Grants can apply here.

Click the image to learn more.


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