Luxor Technology Corporation (Luxor) and Bitnomial, Inc. have announced the launch of the first US exchange-traded Hashrate Futures, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. Set to debut on Bitnomial’s derivatives exchange by the end of this month, these futures contracts are specifically tailored to cater to Bitcoin miners and institutional investors alike.

“Hashrate has one of the highest volatilities of major commodities, and the April 2024 Bitcoin Halving will exacerbate this volatility,” said Luxor’s Head of Derivatives, Matt Williams. “Bitcoin miners need additional methods to mitigate this price risk to ensure the longevity of their businesses. Exchange-traded hashrate futures will allow them to quickly move in and out of hedging positions to de-risk their revenue streams, and the revenue certainty should improve their credit profile with lenders, which will lower their cost of securing capital.”

With the impending 2024 Bitcoin Halving in mind, the Hashrate Futures aim to provide miners with a tool to hedge their future revenue streams while offering investors access to a tradable derivative tracking Bitcoin mining hashrate. The contracts, denominated in 1 petahash (PH) units and with monthly durations, will reference Luxor’s Bitcoin Hashprice Index for settlement, effectively tracking the value of the underlying commodity, i.e., hashrate.

Accessible to those with Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) accounts connected to the Bitnomial exchange, the Hashrate Futures is the latest addition to Luxor’s suite of hashrate financial products. 

“As we approach the Bitcoin halving and witness the unprecedented demand for spot Bitcoin ETFs surpassing the available mined supply, Bitnomial stands as a pivotal bridge in the crypto ecosystem.“ stated Bitnomial Founder and CEO, Luke Hoersten. “Our listed hashrate and physically delivered bitcoin futures and options empower miners to navigate this evolving landscape seamlessly. Through Bitnomial, miners can efficiently trade hashrate-bitcoin futures spreads, gaining invaluable bitcoin-denominated hashrate exposure while effectively hedging and delivering mined bitcoin directly to consumers via a federally regulated exchange. This convergence of innovation and regulation solidifies Bitnomial’s commitment to fostering a robust and accessible marketplace for all participants in the crypto space.”

As part of Bitnomial’s Bitcoin Product Complex, these physically backed contracts intend to provide a unique opportunity for market participants, with growing interest evidenced by record-high volumes and open interest during Q4 of 2023.


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