LQWD Technologies Corp., an infrastructure and liquidity provider for the Bitcoin Lightning Network, has announced a new partnership with Amboss Technologies Inc. to become their premiere Lightning Network Liquidity Service Provider (LSP), according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. As part of the partnership, LQWD will contribute an initial 10 Bitcoin in liquidity to Amboss, with plans to deploy more Bitcoin throughout the collaboration.

“Partnering with LQWD ensures that Amboss’s global customers have direct access to institutional-grade liquidity for Bitcoin payments, allowing LQWD to generate additional yield through their nodes on the Lightning Network,” said Amboss Co-Founder and CEO Jesse Shrader. “Additionally, this partnership increases the supply side of Amboss’s liquidity marketplace, enabling LQWD to fulfill the market demand for Lightning Network liquidity.”

Amboss Technologies specializes in data analytics solutions tailored for the Bitcoin Lightning Network and provides products like Magma and Hydro for market organization and liquidity automation. Magma serves as a liquidity marketplace, while Hydro enables advanced liquidity automation for seamless Lightning Network payments.

“This partnership enables LQWD to deploy more of our company-owned Bitcoin while potentially capturing significant transaction volume and generating yield on our Bitcoin holdings,” stated Shone Anstey, Chief Executive Officer of LQWD. “Importantly, we maintain full sovereignty and custody throughout the process. This strategic alliance signifies a significant step forward for both LQWD and Amboss, as we work together to enhance liquidity and efficiency within the Bitcoin Lightning Network ecosystem.”

The Lightning Network (LN) has witnessed significant growth, with LN activity increasing by 1,200% over the past two years, according to the release. This surge in adoption, coupled with the integration of stable coin transaction capability, opens up LN to a wider user base and attracts forward-thinking businesses and Bitcoin exchanges looking for faster and cheaper payment solutions compared to traditional rails like Visa and Mastercard.


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