Satsback Labs, the company behind the European Bitcoin-back shopping rewards platform,, has announced its foray into the United States market, according to a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine.

With a robust network of over 500 online partners already established, aims to revolutionize the American shopping experience by offering consumers nationwide the opportunity to save in Bitcoin while shopping online for their essentials.

Already operating in 16 countries, marks its expansion by introducing its Bitcoin-back shopping model to the American audience. The platform seeks to empower consumers by redirecting advertising budgets directly into their Bitcoin wallets, providing them with savings in sound money while assisting merchants in attracting new customers and boosting revenues.

“Bitcoin fixes many things, but being able to buy it is a luxury reserved for a shrinking minority of people with disposable income. This is a big problem even in developed countries like the US where household debt is at an all-time high,” stated Satsback Labs CEO Tom Chojnacki. “We’re thrilled to provide US consumers with more ways to save in Bitcoin even if their budgets don’t allow for them to purchase it.” 

Users can now earn Bitcoin on purchases made through the platform from a vast array of online stores in the US, including major brands like Macy’s, The Home Depot,, and numerous others, according to the release. By selecting their desired store, following provided links, and conducting purchases as usual, customers receive a percentage of their fiat purchases back in BTC, delivered to their Lightning wallet of choice.

Furthermore, offers a user-friendly browser extension compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. This extension can help users not miss opportunities to accumulate Bitcoin back on their purchases, alerting them when visiting partnered online stores. says it invites US shoppers to join the Bitcoin movement, transforming shopping into an empowering experience. By opting for Bitcoin rewards, users can bid farewell to traditional point and fiat-back systems, embracing financial autonomy and signaling their values to merchants.


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