Erik Cason started his Bitcoin journey in 2012, setting in motion a trajectory that would lead him to working at Coinbase, where he spent four years democratizing access to Bitcoin. Cason’s time there inspired a path that meandered through the intellectual landscapes of cryptography, sovereignty and political implications surrounding this revolutionary technology. Today, Cason stands not only as an educator but also as a philosopher delving deep into the transformative potential of Bitcoin. It is with this expertise that Erik Cason announces the release of his first book “Cryptosovereignty” being published through Bitcoin Magazine Books.

This book is the culmination of Cason’s intellectual odyssey, and represents a profound exploration of Bitcoin’s role as a tool for personal empowerment and self-sovereignty. The collection of essays in this book dissects the fundamental ideals woven intricately into the fabric of Bitcoin. Cason’s writing unveils the immense potential for positive change enabled by Bitcoin’s invention and adoption. Yet, “Cryptosovereignty” transcends the conventional boundaries of financial discourse and propels us into the realm of philosophical contemplation.

Departing from the conventional narratives, Cason employs the lens of continental philosophy to offer a novel framework for comprehending Bitcoin. This framework extends beyond the realm of mere monetary value by examining the profound implications of cryptography and the establishment of an independent monetary system. At its core, “Cryptosovereignty” challenges the status quo, inviting readers to envision a world where the normative shackles of the past are broken, and individuals are bestowed with unprecedented control over their destinies.

“Bitcoin is not just about transactions and technology; it’s about personal freedom and empowerment. It’s about a new way of thinking that challenges conventional norms. Through this book, I aim to inspire readers to contemplate the deeper philosophical implications of Bitcoin and how it can pave the way for a more liberated future.” — Erik Cason

Ellen Sullivan, Publisher at Bitcoin Magazine Books, echoes Cason’s sentiments, expressing her enthusiasm for his work. She views “Cryptosovereignty” as an intellectual expedition that unravels the very heart of Bitcoin’s essence. Sullivan remarks, “Erik’s essays are a thought-provoking journey into the heart of Bitcoin’s essence. ‘Cryptosovereignty‘ challenges us to envision a world where individuals have greater control over their destinies. I’m excited we can be a part of amplifying Erik’s important message with this book.”

“Cryptosovereignty” ponders Bitcoin’s philosophical journey beyond its cypherpunk origins, while staying true to the ethos of the sovereign currency. Erik Cason’s philosophical insights will resonate with Bitcoiners as well as any individual captivated by the societal changes happening throughout the world.

In a world where technology is often seen through the lens of utility and innovation, “Cryptosovereignty” reminds us of the profound philosophical currents coursing through the digital realm. It beckons us to question, to ponder and to envision a world where the individual’s sovereign power is not just a concept, but a lived reality empowered by the potential of Bitcoin.

“Cryptosovereignty” is currently available for order through the Bitcoin Magazine Books online store.

Erik Cason will be signing books at the Bitcoin Amsterdam conference, taking place at Westergas on October 12-13, 2023. This gathering will be a perfect place for attendees to connect with the author.


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