Today, Digital Energy Council (DEC), the first member association focused solely on the intersection of energy security and digital asset mining, has officially launched, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. The organization sets out on a mission to spearhead policies that foster responsible energy practices, enhance grid resilience, maintain the competitive edge of the United States, and ensure national security.

“Policymaking efforts regarding digital assets have centered around financial services,” said Founder and President of the Digital Energy Council, Tom Mapes. “The focus on how both the digital asset mining and energy industries can collaborate and work together to bolster energy infrastructure, increase resilience, and support energy sustainability and efficiency has been lost in policy conversations, yet is critical during this pivotal moment of energy modernization.”

The DEC envisions itself as a hub for facilitating productive discourse among its members, policymakers, and regulators. A significant facet of the DEC’s agenda is to dispel misconceptions around the bipartisan themes of digital asset mining, U.S. energy security, sustainability, and grid modernization. In addition to these goals, the council’s efforts aim to cultivate economic development in often overlooked communities, including rural areas, by forging high-paying employment opportunities in non-traditional markets.

Pioneering efforts to engage policymakers have already been initiated, with notable figures like U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, who spearheaded the inaugural hearing on digital asset mining’s implications for energy supply in 2018, being among the first to collaborate. 

“In 2018 as the Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources, I held the first hearing to explore digital asset mining and the applications and potential impacts on our nation’s energy supply,” said Senator Murkowski. “In the past five years this industry has grown exponentially throughout the United States, and I have seen this technology already bring new opportunities to rural states like Alaska. I look forward to working with the Digital Energy Council to develop best practices for collaboration throughout Alaska and the United States.”

US Senator from Wyoming, Cynthia Lummis, also commented on the news, stating: “Financial innovation will unleash new prosperity and opportunity for the next generation of Americans, and crypto asset mining is an important part of this future. Innovative mining technologies will allow us to harness underutilized energy sources and drive jobs in rural America, while generating provably scarce wealth. All Americans should be paying attention to the important work being done by crypto asset miners.”

The Digital Energy Council aims to bring together thought leaders and industry pioneers to champion a future where responsible energy practices and digital asset mining synergize for the greater benefit of the nation’s growth, security, and prosperity.


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