Digital Shovel, the industry leading manufacturer of turnkey, mobile crypto mining containers, has announced the launch of their latest innovation, the NanoPOD. Designed specifically for small to medium mining operations, the NanoPOD stands out as the company’s most compact and efficient offering to date, setting a new standard in size and convenience.

With a footprint small enough to fit through a 7-foot tall door and occupying a mere two standard skid spaces in a tractor trailer, the NanoPOD seeks to optimize miners space and enhance their capabilities. Similar to its larger counterparts, the m300 and i300 MiniPods, the NanoPOD offers a rugged and easy-to-deploy, all-in-one solution that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

„We at Digital Shovel are dedicated to assisting businesses in scaling their crypto mining operations with turn-key mobile units,“ explained CEO Scot Johnson. „The NanoPOD represents a new era of affordability and enhanced security for small to medium miners, and we are thrilled to unveil it to the mining community here at Mining Disrupt in Miami.“

Key features of the NanoPOD include flexible power options, capable of supporting single phase 220-240v and three-phase 415-380v and 220-240v. With a miner capacity of up to 120 kW, the NanoPOD can house 28 Bitmain S19 Miners or 36 Whatsminers, providing ample power for optimized mining performance.

The NanoPOD also incorporates Smart PDUs, enabling individual circuit wattage monitoring, automated switching of each circuit (both manual and auto modes), an atmospheric monitoring system, heat vectoring management system, and automated fan control for effective temperature regulation.

In terms of ventilation and filtration, the NanoPOD utilizes six awning-based intakes measuring 6-24” x 24” x 4”, along with six 2100 CFM blower fans. To emphasize its eco-friendly focus, the NanoPOD has been engineered with high heat recycling capabilities, allowing blower fans to be partially ducted towards buildings or greenhouses in need of heat. A remote thermostat empowers users to monitor the temperature within the structure and automatically reroute excess heat once the desired temperature is reached.

The launch of the NanoPOD marks a step forward in the Bitcoin mining industry, providing smaller miners with a highly accessible and sophisticated solution for their operations. 


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