Bitcoin Startup Lab is gearing up for its Summer 2023 cohort, bringing together industry titans, investors and innovators to fuel growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem. With a focus on collaboration and mentorship, the pre-accelerator program aims to enable founders to create innovative solutions on Bitcoin. The program spans 12 weeks and has doubled the number of participating teams from the previous cohort, reflecting the increasing interest in the Bitcoin startup space.

The Summer 2023 cohort will have the privilege of learning from top industry minds who share a vision of building a thriving Bitcoin economy. Mentors and ecosystem supporters include Tyler Evans, managing partner at 2140 Bitcoin Ecosystem Fund, Jason Fang, founder of Sora Ventures, Jameson Lopp, CTO at Casa and Danny Yang, the founder of OnChainMonkeys. These mentors, among many others, contribute their collective wisdom and experience to foster unprecedented innovation and growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin Startup Lab goes beyond theoretical education and provides a platform for the cross-pollination of ideas and technologies. The program grants founders access to potential investors and equips them with the skills needed to lead successful businesses. Additionally, Bitcoin Startup Lab organizes events like the Bitcoin Olympics Hackathon, “the first ever Ordinals hackathon on a global scale as well as the first Bitcoin hackathon to bring together leaders from multiple Bitcoin protocols,” a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine described, with the second hackathon scheduled for Fall 2023. In addition, the press release noted Bitcoin Startup Lab’s collaborations with Bitcoin technologies like DLCs, Taproot, Ordinals, BRC20, ZKP, Lightning, Rootstock, Stacks, ICP, Interlay, Ark, Babylon, Spacechains, Drivechain and many more.

Albert, the founder of Bitcoin Startup Lab, stated, „Our mission goes beyond nurturing founders. We are fostering a movement. The best way to advance the Bitcoin economy is to bring together thought leaders from the most prominent protocols on Bitcoin.“ The program attracts not only average investors but also serial entrepreneurs and managing partners, providing participants with invaluable networking opportunities and exposure to influential leaders in the Bitcoin industry.

With its expanding network and an ambitious cohort of founders, Bitcoin Startup Lab aims to usher in a new era of innovation for the Bitcoin economy. The next cohort,set to launch in Fall 2023, is open for applications — those interested can apply at


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