The Indonesia Bitcoin Conference 2023 is set to take place on October 26-27 at the Prime Plaza Hotel in Bali, bringing together a diverse group of individuals interested in Bitcoin’s potential to revolutionize the financial industry.

With over 40 speakers, the conference will offer attendees the chance to engage with top minds in the field, including Jack Dorsey, Chairman of Block Inc., Stephan Livera, Head of Education from Swan Bitcoin, Alex Gladstein, CSO of Human Rights Foundation and Samson Mow, CEO of Jan3.

Activities such as expert panels, keynote speeches, bazaars and exhibitions will be featured at the event. Additionally, a Lightning hackathon will be held prior to the conference, aiming to bring developers together to learn about and innovate on Lightning Network apps. The hackathon will have a total prize of $10,000 and is expected to encourage collaboration and showcase the network’s potential for usability and scalability.

Dea Rezkitha, the conference organizer, expressed excitement about the event, saying „We’re excited to bring together bitcoin enthusiasts for the Indonesia Bitcoin Conference 2023. Bitcoin has the potential to transform the financial industry and create new opportunities for individuals and businesses.“

Bali, known for its breathtaking beaches and vibrant culture, serves as an ideal backdrop for the conference.

For more information about the conference, including the full list of speakers and schedule of events, individuals are encouraged to visit the official conference website at

Disclaimer: BTC Inc is a media partner of the Indonesia Bitcoin Conference.


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