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The “Bitcoin Car,” a 2013 Toyota Prius that was purchased with 1,000 bitcoin, will be showcased at the upcoming Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami Beach. The event will take place from May 18-20, during which the car will be on display. The auction of the Bitcoin Car, being conducted via Scarce.City, a Bitcoin auction site, began on May 10 and will conclude on May 20. The current owners of the car, Devin Konopa and Trevor Pirtle, will be allowing Bitcoin OGs from all over the United States flocking to Bitcoin 2023 to tag the car before its appearance at the conference.

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Konopa spoke about the cultural significance of the car, stating that „this Prius represents the growth of public awareness, an acceptance of digital currency, and a significant tipping point in the Bitcoin space.“ He also expressed his desire to see the car displayed in a museum one day as a symbol of the rise of Bitcoin.

The Prius has been dubbed the „$48M Prius“ by the media and the Bitcoin community due to the historical significance of its peak value, a press release announcing the car’s appearance states. Since its purchase, the car has been to over 30 Bitcoin events according to the announcement, and has transported hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash from early Bitcoin ATMs.

The auction for the First Bitcoin Car is expected to generate a great deal of interest among Bitcoin enthusiasts and collectors at the highly anticipated event in Miami Beach. Those who wish to bid on the car can do so by visiting the FirstBitcoinCar.com website, and those who seek to view the car for themselves can get tickets for Bitcoin 2023 at b.tc/conference.


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