Digital infrastructure provider Mawson Infrastructure Group Inc. (Mawson) has signed an agreement for a new site in Corning, Ohio, with an initial capacity of 24MW.

According to a press release, the site, signed on a long-term lease, has an additional 26MW of potential capacity upside, subject to further infrastructure investment, which would take the total site to 50MW.

The site is expected to go live in Q3 2023 and will initially host 12 modular data centers (MDCs) and 7,056 miners. The new site will expand Mawson’s potential capacity to up to 290MW, highlighting the company’s focus on the Pennsylvania and Ohio region.

Mawson’s CEO James Manning said, “This is the first of several smaller sites the Mawson team has been working on, with a focus to deploy low cost, quick to market mining facilities.” COO Liam Wilson added, “We are actively planning for the halving event, and plan to have the most efficient fleet possible — as always, focusing on shareholders return on capital. We are focused on this region for various reasons and look forward to seeing which ASIC units perform best before ordering in bulk.”

The new site is an addition to the existing 240MW of capacity that Mawson has online and under development in the surrounding area. The company’s goal is to provide a possible increase in deployable hashrate of up to 1.0 EH/s. Mawson’s infrastructure includes a proprietary modular data center (MDC) design that aims to reduce deployment time and capital expenditure.


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