Bitcoin Stamps seek to offer greater permanence and security on the blockchain, attracting collectors and creators.

Bitcoin Stamps are the latest innovation in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), offering collectors and creators a secure and reliable means of storing unique digital assets on bitcoin, like Ordinals. According to creator Mike In Space, stamps guarantee greater permanence than other protocols as they are stored directly in the spendable transaction outputs of the blockchain, making them impossible to prune. 

In just 32 days since the launch of the first Stamp, 16,500 Stamps had been created on the Bitcoin blockchain, outpacing the daily growth of assets created compared to Ordinals.

The Rare Stamp platform, launched on April 6, 2023, indexes all Stamp data such as prices, last sales and other relevant data. The platform has witnessed the growing interest in Bitcoin NFTs and the rapid expansion of Stamps, receiving over 20,000 visits from users interested in discovering, buying and selling Stamps according to a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine.

„We are excited to bring visibility to this innovation that allows for the creation of virtually eternal NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. The rapid adoption of Stamps shows the growing interest in NFTs and the demand for more permanent and secure solutions,“ said Angel Haro, CMO of Universelle, the Spanish consulting firm that developed the Rare Stamp platform.

Bitcoin Stamps seeks to offer a secure and reliable means of storing unique digital assets on the blockchain, according to the press release. With the growing interest in Bitcoin-based digital assets and the demand for more permanent and secure solutions, the Rare Stamp platform aims to provide detailed information on sale prices, new collections and other unique features.


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