Users can now earn bitcoin rewards at participating merchants without the need to activate deals or use a gift card.

The Bitcoin Company, a Bitcoin rewards company, has launched a new feature called Card Linked Offers (CLOs) that allows users to turn all of their credit and debit cards into bitcoin rewards cards. The feature will allow users to earn bitcoin back on their card purchases automatically when they shop at eligible merchants such as Allbirds, Peet’s Coffee, Circle K, Gap, PetSmart, and more. The CLOs feature is available in the United States only to start with, although the company plans to expand the list of countries and eligible merchants over time.

According to The Bitcoin Company, users can easily link their cards once via Plaid in the TBC app to set up CLOs. From there, they can earn bitcoin back whenever they shop in-store or online with eligible merchants without the need to activate deals before shopping. In addition, users can supercharge their rewards by linking their existing debit and credit cards as a payment method in the app to buy gift cards and stack them with shop online affiliate cashback offers.

„We’re here to make living on a bitcoin standard the norm!“ said The Bitcoin Company. The company also plans to release a web app version of its mobile application for even more privacy in the future, and the beta version of the web app will be live in about two weeks. In addition, the company plans to introduce more rewards-earning features soon, including cashback online shopping programs, phone top-ups, and travel deals that allow users to earn up to 30% bitcoin back when they book hotels through The Bitcoin Company app.

„We’re excited to tease that we’ve got more rewards-earning features coming soon,“ said The Bitcoin Company. „Stay tuned for updates on those upcoming features, and get ready to spend and earn even more bitcoin effortlessly.“

The Bitcoin Company has partnered with Plaid, Kard, and Very Good Security for Open Banking, Merchant Funded Offers, and PCI Compliance, respectively. The company also teased at plans to launch a Mexico remittance tool that will allow users to send bitcoin and load up pesos to a Mexican bank account in seconds, as well as a credit card roundup feature into bitcoin similar to Acorns.


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