An Ordinals community surrounding the Taproot Wizards inscriptions has donated almost .85 bitcoin to the HRF.

The Taproot Wizards Ordinal inscription collection community has announced the donation of approximately $19,000 worth of bitcoin to the Human Rights Foundation’s Bitcoin Development Fund. The fund supports and funds various Bitcoin projects, developers and Bitcoin Core contributors. 

In addition, according to the announcement tweet, more than 5,000 lightning micro-transactions took place from seemingly new users of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

According to Udi Wertheimer, who identified himself as “Taproot Wizard #0001,” the “Struck by Lightning” Wizard School quest went on for 48 hours, during which 5,800 unique accounts participated. These accounts sent a total of 0.845 BTC in donations, currently worth around $19,000. 
The average donation was approximately $3.50, and the vast majority of donations were $2.00 or around 10,000 sats. “All payments were made via Lightning, and judging by the reactions on our discord server it seems like the vast majority were first time users,” Wertheimer explained.

Bitcoiners who had never experienced the Lightning Network’s awe-inspiring speed were taken aback at the instantaneous nature of their payments. “I never knew lightning is that fast,” one user exclaimed. “Shit is crazy.”

Ordinal inscriptions have taken the Bitcoin community by storm since their introduction, with the protocol well on its way to over 500,000 inscriptions. While the implications of Ordinals are not yet entirely agreed upon, it is certain that the immutable arbitrary data storage that Ordinals and Taproot enabled is unlocking new developments and communities surrounding Bitcoin. 


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