Stattrak and ZEBEDEE have launched a new fantasy esports platform with real-money rewards in bitcoin for popular games.

ZEBEDEE, a leading fintech payment processor for the gaming industry, and Stattrak, the play-and-earn fantasy esports platform, announced the launch of a new product aimed at fans of esports worldwide. The product offers fans the ability to assemble their own fantasy teams in popular games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege and Dota 2. Fans can choose players from any professional competition and earn real-money rewards in bitcoin if their team performs well.

Stattrak has expanded its platform to include a web version, in addition to its mobile app, and a new Prediction mode, which allows users to predict the results of individual matches in a tournament. The platform is powered by ZEBEDEE, which enables instant and programmable Bitcoin transfers worldwide. This allows Stattrak to send small amounts of bitcoin to users automatically if their team performs well.

Users can also cash out their earnings in the ZEBEDEE app and use their rewards to buy gift cards for over 5,000 products and services or pay bills, eliminating the need to exchange their bitcoin.

„Stattrak’s fantasy esports platform is a great complement to the ZEBEDEE ecosystem,” Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE said. “People who love gaming love interacting with it in multiple ways, and actually playing is just one part of it. Stattrak is a great example of how we can go beyond pure gameplay to offer a holistic rewarded experience within the gaming sphere.“

This new launch offers fans of esports an exciting new way to engage with their favorite games and earn rewards while doing so. The seamless integration of bitcoin payments with the ZEBEDEE app makes it easy for users to cash out their rewards and revolutionizes the way that players will experience gaming. 


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