Virtue signaling and altruistic positions on Bitcoin are a farce. Choose Bitcoin because it’s right, not because you’re here to “help others.”

This is an opinion editorial by Aleks Svetski, author of “The UnCommunist Manifesto,” founder of The Bitcoin Times and Host of the “Wake Up Podcast with Svetski.” It is part four of his “Remnant Series.”

I grew up as an extreme empath. But the last few years have radicalized me and made me cold, dissociated and distant toward much of the world and its hordes of mindless inhabitants.

I traveled to 20 countries during 2020 to 2022, and no matter where I went, I was surrounded by compliant lemmings who either lacked the intelligence to recognize blatant lies, or the courage to call them out, or who were simply devoid of the dignity necessary to stand up for what is true and self-evident.

What’re more, I have seen a growing number of these creatures simply abdicate all responsibility and fill this vacuum with an ever-increasing diet of sludge for the mind (like Netflix, CNBC, Disney and Facebook), body (sugar water, seed oils, sunscreen and injection subscriptions) and soul (Scientism, Communism, Reddit Atheism and Moral Relativism).

It’s as disgusting as it is pathetic.

It is everything that our ancestors hoped we as humans would not become. Rivers of blood were literally spilled by those who came before us in order to build civilization from the soil of the earth itself. It is now being consumed by mindless zombies roaming around aimlessly, virtue signaling about their medical compliance paperwork, their gender dysphoria and their nihilism.

There is no more dignity in the mind, body or soul of the mindless masses. There is only emptiness. The NPC is real, and it is everywhere.

As such, I am no longer under the illusion that I am in Bitcoin for “the good of the masses.” No. Fuck that.

I do not care about the masses. I am in Bitcoin because it is right. Because it is just. Because it is sound. Because it is true.

I am in Bitcoin because it is the best thing I can do for me and my family and it is what any self-respecting individual would do. A dignified individual would not degrade themselves to the level of modern serf by trading the product of their blood, sweat, time and tears for digital Monopoly money issued by parasites.

It’s an absolutely ridiculous state of affairs that both our ancestors and forebears will be embarrassed by.

I doubt anyone with a sense of self would go and work all week at a cafe only to be paid in coffee grounds, or build a business only to sell products and services for mere hugs and high fives.

If you’re not accepting or demanding payment in bitcoin, or at least swapping out your surplus toilet paper money in exchange for bitcoin savings, then I don’t know what you’re doing.

Bitcoin Is Fair

I am in Bitcoin because it is fair, and I want to play a fair game because it’s the only way to truly satisfy my soul. My pursuit in life is to become the best version of myself and to do so requires that I contend with my opponents on a battlefield with transparent rules of engagement.

To become better, I must play a fair game, not some rigged stupidity where I “win” because the other guy had his hands tied behind his back. There is neither honor nor dignity in that. One does not get better nor advance by cheating. That’s what the plutocrats and parasites do not understand, that’s why they are inferior, and that’s why they will forever be bitter and envious of the natural elite.

The parasites who run the central banking and planning offices of the globalist cabals are not “elite.”

They are pathetic worms who cannot compete, so they spend their entire lives cheating. The price they pay for winning a fake prize is a soulless existence, and cheap, frivolous obedience from the mindless masses.

They earn no respect or reverence from those who count, and they will go to their graves hated and irrelevant. Imagine living a life as pathetic as that: To be literally hated by anyone that matters, and obeyed by everyone who doesn’t matter. It’s quite sad, actually.

Bitcoin Is For Anyone, But For Everyone

Much to the chagrin of many of the egalitarian ilk of Bitcoiners, I do not believe that Bitcoin will “help” the masses of the world in the short term, nor is it likely to do so in the medium term.

The world is likely to continue to bifurcate in the coming decade(s), and largely be defined by the Bitcoiners and no-coiners (which includes shitcoiners and fiat maxis). Of course there will be sub-categories, and we always have the third class, known as parasites, as described in parts one and three of this Remnant Series, but for simplicity, let’s just think about it as the following image:

The latter, the no-coiners, are the masses, and if anything, they will walk right into their central bank digital currency (CBDC) gulags with smiles on their faces (which won’t be visible behind their three-layer face diapers), and the continued monetisation of Bitcoin will actually impoverish them, relatively speaking.

The purchasing power of their fake money, coupled with the continued deterioration of their health and their productivity will mean that, in comparison to bitcoin-denominated strongholds, filled with healthy, strong, dignified and productive people, their relative wealth will crater.

They are categorically fucked, along with their parasitic overlords who they blindly worship.

And rightly so. I’m here for it. There is nothing more moral than a fair game, with just consequences borne by the actors themselves. You want to walk into the lava? By all means do so, but it’s you who burns. I won’t be jumping in to save you. In fact, I won’t even know, because I’ll be too busy building the walls around my citadel to keep your dumb ass out.

Bitcoin is the come-to-Jesus moment for all of humanity and mark my words:

In the short term, it will hurt more people than it helps, but in the long run, it will save us all.

Bitcoin is the long-term cure for a cancerous civilization that is eating itself alive. Every short-term opium hit that was injected to help obfuscate reality has led us down this path, step by step. We have weakened the corpus of humanity through this short-termism. Bitcoin changes this and will wreak havoc in the immediate future, in exchange for a much brighter, fairer and truer long-term future.

But Aleks, Why Are You Such An Asshole?

I’m not here to bring you sunshine and roses, or blow smoke up your butthole. There are British podcasters available for such deeds.

I’m here to preach reality.

I seek not to be a preacher for the masses, but for the Remnant. Despite my inherent empathy, I no longer care for the welfare of those who have neither the respect, courage nor dignity to care for it themselves.

I will help those who choose to help themselves first, but I will not be a martyr for the masses. I will not jump into the lava to save the lemmings. I will no longer sacrifice my time helping the unhelpable, when I could be using it to provide for my wife, my family and those who have first sought to help themselves.

I’m in Bitcoin for me, for those I love and, most importantly, because it is right.

Believe it or not, you are in it for the same reasons. You’re most likely just ashamed of admitting it, so you sugarcoat your own naturally-selfish, honorable desire with some fake, politically correct “crusade for the unfortunate.”

Please. Stop bullshitting me. I can see right through you.

The only people wanting to “altruistically” help others are either wolves in sheeps’ clothing, liars or the do-gooders who put their noses in everyone’s business. You know, that loser you didn’t invite or ask for an opinion, but who came to your house to tell you how you should run it. People like Bill Gates, Yuval Harari or Sam Harris. The kinds of walking turd most likely to become a Statist, Communist, intellectual or bureaucrat.

They project their own inadequacies on the rest of the world and proceed to push their flavor of “help” onto everyone under the often naively-believed guise of “helping the disadvantaged.”

I do not subscribe to such frauds.

A human with dignity helps himself and his family first. He extends that if it makes sense, but he does not impose that help. He does not meddle, and he leaves space for others to rise up of their own accord.

Only responsibility can fix the world, and Bitcoin is responsibility go up technology. There is no more important force in the world today, and long term it will help everyone at the short-term cost of the comfortable, complacent life of many.

Fitness Equals Rightness

That which is right is that which fits.

This is the essence of fitness, and in my opinion, morality. Morality is doing the “right thing.” That which most fits and is of the greatest good for the most impacted. The golden thread, so to speak.

To me, this is “why Bitcoin.” It is the most right and fit money. There is no better money than one which respects and adheres to the conservation of energy and the direction of time.

This will have monumental consequences on civilization, and as I said, long term, it will help everyone by leveling the playing field and thus creating a realm in which people orient toward noble competition and cooperation rather than cheating in order to get ahead. People must orient toward responsibility in order to succeed on a Bitcoin standard, and for many, this will be painful.

But it’s necessary, because it’s right. And this is what I implore you to understand. Come to Bitcoin and embrace it, not for some altruistic, politically-correct notion of “I want to help the masses,” because that’s bullshit and deep down you know it.

Come to Bitcoin because it’s right. It’s the dignified individual’s choice. It’s your greatest advantage and the highest truth you will discover on your path through life.

You can be unapologetically honest and truthful, or a politely confused altruist and liar. The former will earn you respect, from your own self first, then everyone else. The latter will make you a simp, without dignity, always degrading yourself for some cause.

Ignore me, or allow these seeds to take root. The choice is yours.

Only remember…

Bitcoin will help those mostly who can help themselves. Bitcoin is just, fair and true. Bitcoin is right

The Remnant knows this. That’s why they love Bitcoin, and that’s why they are true Bitcoiners.

This is a guest post by Aleks Svetski, author “The UnCommunist Manifesto” and founder of The Bitcoin Times. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.


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