People should be able to choose the best money without the help of the government, but everyone is overly reliant on the State to make decisions.

This is a transcribed excerpt of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” hosted by P and Q. In this episode, they are joined by Adam Meister to talk about politics and the future of bitcoin.

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Adam Meister: I take it to a whole new extreme. I think it’s great that Tether prints money out of thin air. I think it’s great. If it’s not backed by anything then great. I don’t give a darn. We should be able to take that chance. People should pick the best money that’s out there.

All right. I know people like to hate on Tether, but it is a use-case that shows the separation of money and State and shows how insane the State becomes when there is a challenger. How Letitia James wanted to go sue freaking Tether. What does the state of New York have over Tether?

What gall that most normies are like, “No, the State has every right to control. You shouldn’t be able to print your own money.” Why not? Why shouldn’t I be able to print my own money? Why not?

P: It is fucking wild that that it’s just so innate. It’s so ingrained in people.

Q: Adam, to answer your question, it’s for your safety. You can’t print your own money because it’s to keep you safe. It’s not for the sake of other people. You just can’t handle it, Adam.

Meister: And it’s for the children. It’s for the children. It’s for the children.

This is how the Elizabeth Warrens of the world gain their power. And I know I’ve mentioned her name a few times here and some people are just like, “She’s gonna run for president someday,” but dude, she’s the freaking Phantom Menace. She’s the worst of them all. Of all the major ones that we’ve seen over the last eight years, she’s the worst, but she’s smart. She appeals to the children, to the women, to the “this,” she’s a crypto mommy, she hates the rich people, everything that appeals to the masses that bring on violent revolution. I’m not saying she would bring on violent revolution. This animalistic nature that’s in people to be envious, she brings it in a nice clean package that makes it seem normal, that makes hating on people and envy very palatable. And she has identified cryptocurrency. She’s smart; she knows that Bitcoin is a major target that could bring her to the next level. She wants to be a winner and she has found something to hate on to do this.

We’re talking about “for the children, for your own safety,” she’s the living embodiment of that nonsense, but that is where the world has gone today. In terms of the virus … no one can think for themselves, no one can wipe their own butts anymore. We need the government to do it. It is sad, but that is the way most people are.


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