As the first financial advisory platform focused purely on Bitcoin, Swan Advisor Services lets advisors monitor, manage and custody their clients’ BTC.

  • Swan Bitcoin releases the first financial advisory platform focused purely on bitcoin.
  • Swan Advisor Services can integrate with a financial advisor’s existing portfolio management activities.
  • Advisors will be able to manage, view and custody their client’s bitcoin through the new platform.

Swan Bitcoin, a bitcoin-only service provider, has launched Swan Advisor Services, a bitcoin wealth management and custody platform for financial advisors, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Users of the platform will be able to complete bitcoin transactions, monitor funds and manage portfolios of bitcoin, as well as access custodial solutions. Swan’s newest platform will be the first platform for investment advisors focused solely on Bitcoin.

“Until now, it has been hard for financial planners who have embraced Bitcoin to plug the asset into their day-to-day client reporting and portfolio management tools,” said Cory Klippsten, CEO of Swan Bitcoin, per the release.

“It should be easier for financial advisors to deliver Bitcoin in the context of their clients’ overall portfolios. That’s why we are building Swan Advisor Services,” he continued.

Swan’s service will give advisor’s clear visibility into their client’s bitcoin positions through a user-friendly interface leveraging the company’s core purchase, custody and client support functions.

“With the best Bitcoin education team in the world and an exclusive focus on Bitcoin, Swan Advisor Services is uniquely positioned to provide financial advisors and their clients with the best Bitcoin solution in the market,” said Andy Edstrom, managing director of Swan Advisor Services.

Additionally, the platform can integrate with an advisor’s existing portfolio management systems and Swan intends to onboard a host of advisors to its platform.

“Bitcoin is the most sound, responsible way to invest,” said Klippsten. “Our company has deep research and educational roots in the broader cryptocurrency space, and we strongly believe Bitcoin is the only responsible investment.”


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