U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has announced, in a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, that her re-election campaign now accepts cryptocurrency donations. This move comes as Blackburn’s campaign recently launched a page dedicated to Bitcoin donations.

“Our campaign is committed to meeting supporters where they are,” said Senator Blackburn. “As a growing number of Americans utilize digital currencies for everyday transactions, we are excited to take this next step and stay on the cutting edge of the 21st-century digital world.”

This announcement follows a recent trend of Bitcoin adoption among U.S. politicians. Just yesterday, Blackburn chaired the RNC Platform Committee that passed their 2024 platform draft, committing to defend the right to mine and self-custody Bitcoin. Congressman Matt Gaetz recently introduced a bill allowing federal income tax payments in Bitcoin. Additionally, former President Donald Trump also started accepting Bitcoin Lightning payments for campaign donations.

Earlier this year, Senator Blackburn told Bitcoin Magazine that the freedom and privacy aspects of Bitcoin are a „very good thing“, while advocating strongly against central bank digital currencies (CBDC), saying they are spy tools for the government to use against their citizens.

Senator Blackburn is also set to speak at the Bitcoin 2024 Conference in Nashville at the end of the month, further signaling her support for Bitcoin.


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