Japanese firm Metaplanet announced it is purchasing 1 billion yen (about $6.5 million) worth of Bitcoin as part of its corporate treasury strategy, a move that mimics MicroStrategy’s high-profile Bitcoin accumulation.

Metaplanet, a publicly traded company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a diversified enterprise, revealed the Bitcoin buying initiative on X. The company cited hedging risks from currency devaluation and inflation as motivations.

The announcement said the purchase is an „initial commitment“ and part of a broader embrace of Bitcoin’s potential. Partners like legendary hedge fund manager Mark Yusko, UTXO Management, and Sora Ventures support it.

By adopting a Bitcoin treasury reserve similar to MicroStrategy, Metaplanet aims to benefit from Bitcoin’s upside while mitigating risks. MicroStrategy has pioneered the corporate Bitcoin treasury strategy, buying over $6 billion worth of BTC since 2020.

Metaplanet’s stock price spiked 89.47% on Tuesday following the Bitcoin announcement.

Jason Fang of Sora Ventures called Metaplanet „Asia’s first MicroStrategy“ for replicating its Bitcoin focus.

The move also provides Japanese investors indirect Bitcoin exposure without high unrealized gains taxes, which can reach 55% in Japan. Metaplanet’s Bitcoin funds will be held in a tax-advantaged structure only accessible by the company.

By buying Bitcoin, Metaplanet joins the growing list of public companies utilizing Bitcoin to maximize shareholder value. With MicroStrategy proving the model’s effectiveness, more institutional adoption is likely.

For Metaplanet, Bitcoin offers opportunities beyond investment gains like accelerating its Bitcoin initiatives.

The announcement is a bullish sign for Bitcoin’s traction in Asia. Metaplanet is giving investors a regulated path to gain BTC exposure. If successful, expect more public companies in the region to follow its template.

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