Taking place in Washington, D.C. today, an important policy event is set to delve into the growing geopolitical implications of Bitcoin as a technology for financial freedom, cross-border payments, and wealth protection.

A collaboration between the non-profit Bitcoin Policy Institute and the Cornell Brooks Tech Policy Institute, the talk, entitled „Strategic Competition & Digital Currencies,“ will feature participation from noted Bitcoin advocate Matthew Pines, Director of Intelligence at the Krebs Stamos Group, 

Also featured on the panel will be Bloomberg reporter Daniel Flatley, Chris Meserole, Director at the Brookings Artificial Intelligence Center, and Sarah Kreps, Professor and Director of the Cornell Brooks Tech Policy Institute.

Scheduled for Wednesday at 12:00pm ET, this event promises to be a crucial forum for experts, policymakers, and enthusiasts to dissect the role of Bitcoin in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and its broader implications, among other topics.

The event comes at a time when Bitcoin’s influence on global politics and economics is becoming increasingly evident. Given its decentralized and pseudonymous nature, Bitcoin has been employed by various parties in geopolitical struggles, raising questions about the potential ramifications for nations, economies, and security.

As cryptocurrencies gain mainstream attention, understanding their impact on international affairs has never been more critical.

Key topics to be discussed at the event include:

  1. Bitcoin as a Means of Evasion: How parties involved in the conflict have used Bitcoin to circumvent sanctions and move funds discreetly.
  2. Geopolitical Implications: The broader implications of the conflict for international relations, as well as the evolving role of cryptocurrencies in shaping these dynamics.
  3. Policy Considerations: How governments and regulatory bodies are responding to the use of Bitcoin in geopolitical conflicts and what measures are being taken to address these challenges.
  4. Cryptocurrency’s Role in Future Conflicts: A forward-looking perspective on how cryptocurrencies could play a role in future geopolitical conflicts and what strategies nations may employ to mitigate risks.

For information about future Bitcoin Policy Institute events, visit the group’s website.


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