Officially out of beta, Bitcoin Magazine is excited to make public its new over-the-counter service, Rare B.TC, which enables users to buy and sell rare sats – bitcoins that have a history or provenance that makes them more valuable to collectors – as well as rare inscriptions.

Today, finding rare bitcoins can be difficult. There’s a patchwork of websites and services, but none that offer access to the full range of available inventory in need.

Rare B.TC, however, is able to work with a variety of exchanges and mining firms, as well as private collectors to source a full spectrum of exotic options, including some of the rarest satoshis as currently defined by the Ordinals protocol.

Our rare bitcoin brokerage is a white-glove service that specializes in the authentication and sale of rare bitcoin, and boasts the expertise of the team responsible for selling millions of dollars worth of original Bitcoin artwork and artifacts at the Bitcoin conference annually.

Already, we have facilitated well over $100,000 in the private sale of rare bitcoins to private collectors. 

The following are examples of rare sats we have available for collectors: 

  • Uncommon Sat: The first satoshi of each new Bitcoin block, there is 1 uncommon sat for each of the over 700,000 bitcoin blocks mined on the blockchain. 
  • Rare Sat: The first satoshi of the first block of each difficulty adjustment period, there are 350+ rare sats in existence today. 
  • 2009 Uncommon Sat: Uncommon sats that were issued and mined in the first year of Bitcoin’s existence, the rarest uncommons. There were just about 32,000 blocks solved in 2009. 
  • Hal Finney Sats: Bitcoin that has a proven link to wallets associated with the first Bitcoin user Hal Finney, verified on the Bitcoin blockchain or by the Hal Finney estate. 
  • Block 9 Sats: Bitcoin that was mined on the blockchain’s ninth block and spent in the world’s first P2P transaction, when Satoshi sent Hal Finney 10 BTC. 

In addition, our brokerage is offering access to rare inscriptions, including some of the first 100 ordinals inscriptions embedded in the blockchain.

Please note the rare bitcoin market is a new and emerging segment of the Bitcoin space. Some more exotic items may not be immediately available or may take time to source. 

For more information on our offerings visit: Rare B.TC or book an appointment today.


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