Geyser, a leading Bitcoin grant organization, has announced the launch of its fifth Bitcoin grant, aimed at supporting educational initiatives and community-based programs focused on Bitcoin. The grant opens up opportunities for campaigns that promote and bolster Bitcoin schools and communities worldwide. 

Mick Morucci, CEO of Geyser, emphasized the importance of Bitcoin for underserved populations, stating, „These are the people that would most benefit from bitcoin, which can act as a shield. These are also those that are least aware of bitcoin.“ The grant seeks to amplify the efforts of Bitcoin communities that are emerging across the globe, offering knowledge, education and tools to promote participation in the Bitcoin movement.

To fund the grant, Geyser has raised 1 BTC, thanks to generous donors and a partnership with Blink. The organization aims to distribute the proceeds to numerous projects that demonstrate impact, need and proof of work. Applications for the grant are currently open and will be accepted until mid-August. A board will evaluate the projects and select the most deserving recipients.

Geyser Grants stands apart from typical Bitcoin grants, which primarily focus on core developers. The organization aims to recognize and reward all Bitcoin creators for their contributions. Geyser Grants has already made a significant impact, contributing 2.2 BTC to over 100 projects centered around Bitcoin education, creative endeavors, and community building.

The grants serve multiple purposes, including promoting Bitcoin awareness, encouraging contributions to the Bitcoin ecosystem, recognizing important work in the space, empowering creators globally and fostering the growth of the Bitcoin creator ecosystem. To learn more about the grant or to apply, interested individuals can visit the Geyser Grants Round 5 page.


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