Block Green, a Switzerland-based Bitcoin liquidity protocol, and Merkle Standard, a U.S. Bitcoin mining company, have announced a partnership that allows Merkle Standard to utilize Block Green’s platform to hedge future revenue risks and access immediate liquidity at “transparent and favorable rates.”

According to a press release, by facilitating mining rewards streaming agreements and employing Bitcoin script and custodial solutions, the platform unlocks opportunities for Bitcoin holders and miners, redefining the financing landscape and empowering participants with new market avenues.

The capabilities of Block Green’s platform enable mining operators to sell exposure to their future revenues at a discount, addressing their liquidity needs effectively. Additionally, BTC holders can benefit from the platform, enjoying an attractive BTC-native return.

As part of the partnership, Merkle Standard plans to sell exposure to 100 PH/s of hashrate over a 30-day period, receiving 7.5 BTC in immediate upfront liquidity. Luxor Tech, a mining software and services company, is among the LPs that have filled the trade.

Sebastien Hess, CEO at Block Green, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, „Our platform empowers Bitcoin miners to unlock and access future liquidity and hedge revenue risks, driving growth capital coupled with risk mitigation for sophisticated mining operations.“

Head of Research at Merkle Standard, Holden Guillies, shared the enthusiasm, emphasizing the innovative nature of the collaboration, saying, „This innovative financial product provides us with a new way to manage risk by hedging mining difficulty while gaining upfront liquidity. We believe this partnership offers an essential tool to effectively plan, operate, and execute within the fast-moving Bitcoin mining industry.“


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