ZEBEDEE, a company known for its Lightning-powered ecosystem, has unveiled the alpha version of its latest app upgrade, Social. According to a press release shared with Bitcoin Magazine, this groundbreaking social layer introduces a new paradigm for social media, where engagement and content are transformed into monetary value. Creators on the platform will retain an impressive 99% of their earnings according to the release, providing what ZEBEDEE describes as a fair and value-driven experience. The ZBD app, powered by Nostr, a decentralized protocol with over 2 million users created at NBD, ZEBEDEE’s open-source arm, aims to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to monetize their online identities.

ZEBEDEE noted that its app’s new features have attracted partnerships with prominent industry players such as Fumb Games, Wavlake, Fountain and Gesso. Through these collaborations, users can now earn rewards by engaging with games, podcasts, music, art and more within the ZBD ecosystem. This move signifies a shift towards recognizing and rewarding users‘ passions and creativity in the realm of social media.

Among the notable features of the upgraded ZBD app are „Zaps,“ which are Bitcoin micropayments as tiny as $0.0002. Already available on Nostr, they make a simple social media „like“ become a financial transaction, enabling users to directly support content creators. The app also offers open social media functionality, allowing messages, profiles and posts to flow seamlessly across any Nostr-powered app or website. Additionally, the app introduces the ability to send money via encrypted chats, fostering secure peer-to-peer transactions.

André Neves, CTO and Co-founder of ZEBEDEE, stated, „The new social layer within the ZBD app delivers an all-in-one space for people to connect, play, and earn while embracing our core values. We’re spicing up the ZBD ecosystem to offer an unprecedented user experience, blending social media, gaming, shopping, and Bitcoin.“

To be among the first to experience this innovative social media platform, users are encouraged to sign up for alpha access on the ZEBEDEE website or follow @zbdapp on their current social media platform. The upgraded ZBD app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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