Bitcoin Core version 25.0 has been released, bringing new features, bug fixes and performance improvements to the software. Users can download the latest version from the official Bitcoin Core website or update their existing installations. The release notes outline the changes and provide instructions on how to upgrade.

One notable change is the allowance of transactions of non-witness size 65 bytes and above, which opens up new use cases and enhances protections against vulnerabilities like CVE-2017-12842. Another addition is the scanblocks RPC, which allows for fast wallet rescans by returning relevant blockhashes from a set of descriptors.

In terms of RPC updates, all JSON-RPC methods now accept a new named parameter called „args“ for passing positional parameter values conveniently. Additionally, the verifychain RPC will now return false if checks couldn’t be completed at the desired depth and level, providing more accurate feedback.

The release also includes changes to the build system, updated settings and new features. For instance, the shutdownnotify option allows users to specify a command to execute before Bitcoin Core begins its shutdown sequence. In the wallet section, new options like minconf and maxconf have been added to various RPCs, providing greater control over UTXO confirmations.

Bitcoin Core 25.0 introduces several improvements and optimizations, enhancing the user experience and security of the software. As with any release, users are encouraged to report any bugs they encounter to the official GitHub issue tracker.

Bitcoin Core is widely supported and tested on major operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. However, it is not recommended to use Bitcoin Core on unsupported systems. Users should ensure they are running a compatible operating system before upgrading to the latest version. In addition, users are encouraged to review the release notes for a detailed understanding of the improvements in this version if upgrading.


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