Samara Asset Group, an alternative asset manager with a focus on Bitcoin, has donated $150,000 to Brink, a charitable Bitcoin development community. The donation will be used to finance the annual salary of a developer contributing to the growth and development of the Bitcoin network. Samara has committed to continuing this donation for the next three years.

The Bitcoin protocol is unique in that it has no foundation or corporate entity supporting its development. The pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, disappeared roughly a decade ago, leaving the Bitcoin community to oversee its development. Charitable organizations, such as Brink, have become a popular method for donors to contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

“At Samara, we believe the future of global capital markets are decentralized and democratized, with Bitcoin playing a vital role in the development of this inclusive financial world,” said Patrick Lowry, Samara CEO. “We are proud to back Bitcoin builders, not only by investing in many of the world’s best companies building infrastructure for Bitcoin, but now by donating to Brink to finance a developer for the next three years.“

Mike Schmidt, Executive Director of Brink, expressed his gratitude for Samara’s contribution to the Bitcoin community. „Bitcoin development is a common good and relies on organizations like Samara and individuals like Patrick to recognize the importance furthering the security, stability, and advancement of the Bitcoin software that underpins much of the entire industry,“ he said.

Samara’s donation demonstrates its commitment to seeing the Bitcoin community thrive. The company is reportedly exploring an international listing in order to increase trading liquidity and reach new prospective shareholders.


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