Bitcoin Magazine has launched a „Disrespectors“ giveaway with the potential to win an El Salvador print magazine Cover Edition ordinal, along with a copy of the magazine. The company is inviting members of the Bitcoin community to participate in a creative media contest that evangelizes Bitcoin while dissing its incumbent competition such as banks, financial institutions and central banks.

To participate in the campaign, Bitcoin community members need to join the Bitcoin Magazine Discord and invite their friends, then publish creative media on Twitter such as photos, drawings, posters, stickers or videos that convey the campaign message, „Bitcoin will replace the banking system.“ 

Examples include putting Bitcoin stickers on a fiat ATM or a bank’s door or window, flipping off the Federal Reserve building with a Bitcoin Magazine in hand, or giving a Bitcoin Magazine to a banker or central banker inside the institution.

The campaign’s launch date is April 25, 2023, and the submission deadline is May 9, 2023. Each cover to be given away has been manually plastic-wrapped and identified with a unique, numbered sticker. To be eligible to win, entrants must join the Bitcoin Magazine Discord, then create and publish content on Twitter, and use the hashtag #Disrespector in their content.

There are two ways of getting an El Salvador Cover Edition ordinal: inviting users to the Discord and putting out good social media content. The top 10 people with the most invites to the Bitcoin Magazine Discord by May 9, 2023, will each win one El Salvador Cover Edition, while the top 10 pieces of content disrespecting banks in favor of Bitcoin will each win one El Salvador Cover Edition.

„Bitcoin Magazine has three overarching ordinals collections. The first and already launched is the Historic Covers collection, which represents our flagship collectibles that honor the original, one-of-a-kind Bitcoin Magazine print run. Both the print and digital versions of those magazines and covers are limited edition and will never be reissued or re-inscribed,“ the launch announcement read. “The Redux Collection, mirrors the print collection on our store and features the magazines issued since the company restarted printing in 2021 … Finally, there is Bitcoin Magazine’s artistic ordinals collection, Cover Editions. This collection is the artistic branch, which houses additional ordinals that aren’t 1/1 inscriptions. The inscriptions in this giveaway are part of this collection.“


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