Alex Gladstein and C. Jason Maier are the first authors to publish through Bitcoin Magazine Books.

Bitcoin Magazine has announced the launch of its new book publishing branch, Bitcoin Magazine Books. The venture aims to provide readers with educational literature on Bitcoin, its impact on global economies and its role in shaping the world’s financial future. As the adoption of Bitcoin increases, the need for accurate and informative resources becomes crucial in understanding the complex topics surrounding Bitcoin and navigating the rapidly evolving landscape.

The launch of Bitcoin Magazine Books is marked by the release of two new publications, „Hidden Repression“ by Alex Gladstein and „A Progressive’s Case for Bitcoin“ by C. Jason Maier. These publications are not just for Bitcoin enthusiasts, but for anyone interested in global economic and political developments.

Hidden Repression“ by Alex Gladstein addresses how the world’s monetary system exploits the weak and how citizens in the global south are turning to Bitcoin as a way out. Gladstein states, „I’m delighted to be working with Bitcoin Magazine to publish Hidden Repression, which seeks to illuminate the true nature of the world financial system and how, at its core, it remains a mechanism of the powerful stealing from the weak.“

A Progressive’s Case for Bitcoin“ by C. Jason Maier presents a well-researched and thoughtful case for the value of Bitcoin, grounded in fact and avoiding sensationalism and hype. Maier hopes to combat some of the misinformation that people often hear about this new technology, stating, „Bitcoin is our best chance to make the world more just, equitable and peaceful, and it is critically important that more people fully understand it.“

Both books are available for purchase from the Bitcoin Magazine store for $29.99, and they will also be available for purchase at the upcoming Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami on May 18-20. The authors will be present at the conference’s general admission days, where they can sign the books at the Book Signing booth.

Bitcoin Magazine Books aims to publish high-quality books that offer readers valuable insights into Bitcoin’s role in shaping the world’s economic future. With the launch of these two new publications, Bitcoin Magazine Books is off to a strong start, and readers can look forward to more exciting books in the future.


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