Mutiny Wallet, a web-first and privacy-focused bitcoin wallet, has raised over $300k in preseed funding to build its platform.

Mutiny Wallet, a web-first bitcoin wallet, has raised just over $300,000 in preseed funding, which will help them in their goal to build a “user-friendly bitcoin wallet with exceptional privacy, scalability and accessibility.”

Founders of the company include Tony Giorgio, an engineer with substantial experience in Bitcoin and Lightning startups since 2018, Ben Carman, formerly the lead engineer at The Bitcoin Company and Paul Miller, who previously worked on Voltage’s R&D team and has contributed to numerous projects in the Bitcoin and Lightning space like OpenSats, Fedimint and BDK. In the announcement, they detailed their desire to build a daily spending wallet for “highly discerning cypherpunk bitcoiners and their newcoiner friends who are just starting down the rabbit hole” after extensive experience in the Bitcoin industry.

Mutiny Wallet is a self-custodial, privacy-focused wallet. It is capable of running anywhere, providing instant onboarding and platform censorship resistance. In addition to the wallet, Mutiny is developing a next-generation node implementation tailored to Mutiny Wallet and will integrate on-chain and Lightning privacy tools.

The announcement explained how the company wants “to make bitcoin, Lightning, and privacy best practices as easy as clicking a link.”

„We believe bitcoiner best practices are best practices, and we want to bring the absolute best user experience and technology to enable users to use bitcoin the right way and for the long term, rather than cut corners for a quick win,” the announcement added.

The team behind Mutiny Wallet has already developed a proof-of-concept wallet and a first-of-its-kind Lightning node in the browser. Tony Giorgio and Paul Miller spent the past six months at Voltage, building the LSP that will power Mutiny Wallet and laying the foundation for a “seamless and innovative user experience.” The Vortex CoinJoin project, developed by Ben Carman, is ready, but it “needs the vertical integration to really succeed.”

Mutiny Wallet’s investors include Ten31, Brad Mills, Chris Hunter, American Hodl, Ti Kawamoto, and NVK. The company is also thankful to Voltage for incubating their project.

To learn more about Mutiny Wallet and their funding journey, watch their Pleb Lab Builders Day video. You can sign up for their waitlist using your email address or Nostr pubkey at


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