“Everyone’s A Scammer” in vinyl form seeks to help support Bitcoin and Lightning open-source development.

In a partnership with Voltage, podcaster Guy Swann and longtime Bitcoiner Michael Goldstein have launched a crowdfunding page to raise money for open-source Bitcoin and Lightning development by selling a vinyl of the historic Bitcoin article “Everyone’s A Scammer.”

The 2014 piece “covers the incentives of merchants, investment peddlers, hoarders, and bitcoiners alike,” as the crowdfunding page describes. “‘Everyone Is A Scammer’ discusses how everyone is driven by their own incentives. There is a war going on for your bitcoins, and willpower is your only defense. There are endless hacks, scams and thefts around Bitcoin. Brute force can not take your bitcoin, but through market forces, everyone is trying to take your bitcoins. Now more than ever this is ringing true.”

Mockups provided to Bitcoin Magazine depict the header image of the original article, a still of Clint Eastwood in the legendary 1966 Western movie, “The Good, The Bad And The Ugly,” as the focus point of the simplistic cover. Inside the cover, a black vinyl with wax ridges capable of emitting Bitcoin signal, the likes of which only Bitstein can provide, lay waiting.

“The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute is eager to share with the world the best ideas past, present, and future in cryptography, distributed networks, economic freedom, and freedom of information,” the crowdfunding page describes. “Their mission is to curate the best primary source literature that challenges the status quo through technological innovation.”


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