Lincoin Technologies introduces Rails programming tool for Bitcoin miners to optimize their operations in real-time.

Lincoin Technologies, a Vancouver-based firm, has launched a new programming tool for the Bitcoin mining industry known as Rails. The software solution aims to enable Bitcoin miners to optimize their operations, source energy more efficiently and maximize profits through the integration of real-time data from over 20,000 grid nodes in nine deregulated electricity markets in Canada and the U.S. 

According to the press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, Rails will allow miners and energy producers to automate tasks for large-scale operations, adjust energy use by algorithmically under and over-clocking ASICs and protect their profit margins based on real-time bitcoin prices and network statistics.

Medi Naseri, the CEO of Lincoin Technologies, expressed excitement at the launch of Rails, saying, „Our team has been working hard and smart to develop a tool that addresses the most pressing challenges facing Bitcoin miners now and in the near term. With Rails, miners can take their operations to the next level by automating and optimizing their energy use, reducing operational costs, and increasing profits. We help miners minimize the challenges of Bitcoin mining and move toward real-time energy trading.“

Rails is designed to meet the specific needs of Bitcoin miners and is compatible with all Antminer and Whatsminer mining ASIC models. The software is customizable, and “is backed by a team of experienced professionals available to support and guide users,” the press release states.

The company believes that the introduction of Rails will enable miners to maximize their profitability while minimizing the challenges of Bitcoin mining. More information about Rails can be found at the Lincoin Technologies website.


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