Those who hold bitcoin recognize the importance of taking control of their own freedom. A second passport might be the next step.

This is an opinion editorial by Jessica Hodlr, the COO of Plan B Passport.

The rise of Bitcoin and the demand for second passports may seem like two unrelated phenomena, however, there is one common link that ties them together: the desire for control.

Bitcoin and second passports have gained popularity in recent years due to a growing distrust in government and an emerging “prepper mentality” among many individuals. Both offer a way to take control back and to protect oneself from the uncertainties of the world.

Distrust In Government

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature means that it operates independently of any government, individual or financial institution. This has attracted so many people who are skeptical of the traditional financial system and the government control over money that we’ve all experienced and witnessed.

Like interest in Bitcoin, the demand for second passports has been driven by a lack of trust in governments. Many people fear political instability, economic downturns or other events that could threaten their safety and freedom. A second passport can offer an escape route to a country with more favorable conditions.

Prepper Mentality

If you haven’t heard of the prepper mentality, it is characterized by a focus on self-sufficiency and preparedness for emergencies. People who adopt this mindset often stockpile supplies and develop skills that they believe will be useful in a crisis. Bitcoin and second passports are both tools that can be used to prepare for the worst and to hedge against any risks.

Bitcoin’s decentralized nature makes it resistant to government interference, which would be useful in a scenario where traditional financial systems have collapsed. In such a situation, bitcoin could serve as a means of exchange, even if fiat currencies are no longer functioning. Similarly, a second passport could offer a means of escape to a safer location in the event of a crisis. By having a second citizenship, individuals may be able to travel to more stable countries or access resources that are unavailable to those with only one passport.

Giving Control Back To The Individual

As stated above, perhaps the most significant link between Bitcoin and second passports is the desire for control. Both offer individuals greater control over their lives and their assets. Bitcoin allows users to control their money without relying on any bank or financial institution. A second passport gives individuals greater control over their freedom of movement and access to resources.

In a world where governments and institutions are increasingly encroaching on personal freedoms, Bitcoin and second passports offer individuals a way to take back control for themselves. By using these tools, people can take steps to protect themselves from the uncertainties of the world that might prove to be dangerous.

Preparing For Uncertainty

As people become increasingly skeptical of governments and institutions, they are turning to these tools as a way to take back control over their lives and their assets. Whether it is through the decentralized nature of Bitcoin or the freedom of movement that a second passport provides, individuals are using these tools to prepare for the uncertainties of the world.

This is a guest post by Jessica Hodlr. Opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.


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