Bitcoin mining company Luxor Technologies has launched an Antminer-compatible firmware designed to maximize miner efficiency.

Luxor Technologies, a Bitcoin mining software and services company, has released LuxOS, the first third-party Antminer-compatible firmware fully designed and engineered in the United States.

The press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine describes firmware as “a type of software that is designed to provide specific operating instructions to computing hardware. For Bitcoin miners, firmware allows them to adjust the performance of the ASIC chips in their Bitcoin mining rigs to optimize for higher hash rate and improved power efficiency.”

When mining profitability is low, miners can utilize firmware to improve their machine’s power efficiency to increase gross margins. When profitability is high, miners can use their firmware to increase a machine’s hash rate in an attempt to quicken their return on their investment.

Luxor CEO Nick Hansen described how, “We’ve received consistent feedback from our partners that the market lacked a US-designed-and-engineered custom firmware to help them improve their mining margins. Luxor’s team was uniquely positioned to build this product and we’re thrilled to open up our firmware to old and new partners alike,”

According to the press release, LuxOS is available now for the Bitmain Antminer S19 series and S9 series Bitcoin miners. The Luxor team custom built the firmware using Rust, and it does not rely on open-source options like CG miner. In addition to this, Bitcoin miners who use LuxOS will receive discounted fees when they use Luxor’s bitcoin mining pool. 


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