The Bitcoin Miner game has presented more than 1 million players with the opportunity to acquire bitcoin.

Bitcoin Miner, a game developed by mobile gaming studio Fumb Games in collaboration with ZEBEDEE, has achieved the milestone of over one million players, most of whom have never previously owned bitcoin, thanks to its accessible gameplay concept, combined with the opportunity to earn real bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Miner’s rewards system has proven to be a game-changer for onboarding new users into the world of bitcoin. The game is powered by fintech firm ZEBEDEE’s bitcoin rewards system and enables users to earn real bitcoin by simply playing the idle game.

„The magic of Bitcoin Miner is that it’s a game about crypto that requires no crypto knowledge whatsoever to get into and earn real bitcoin,“ said Paul West, founder and CEO of Fumb Games. „It serves as a great entry point into the crypto sphere because it’s so easy to get started and the game itself teaches players a bit about how mining works. We just wanted to build a fun game, but we ended up creating an educational tool as well! This milestone proves that it’s something players around the world appreciate.“

The game has become a great way for non-tech-savvy users to learn about bitcoin in a way that feels natural and simple. ZEBEDEE’s Chief Strategy Officer Ben Cousens expanded on this, saying that „It’s very fulfilling to see this vision coming to life with successful projects like Bitcoin Miner. Not only are people getting on-boarded into the digital asset economy, but the concept really resonates with even the most casual players and is nowproven to scale sustainably.”

The payments platform powering Bitcoin Miner is built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network and enables any game or app creator to implement programmable bitcoin payments using simple APIs. It removes the need for game makers to worry about any technical Bitcoin issues or complications. Instead, they simply fund a game wallet which facilitates the transactions for them. 


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