The development kit is envisioned as having multiple components that would enable increase the accessibility and openness of bitcoin mining hardware.

Jack Dorsey’s Block has posted a new blog that details the Mining Development Kit, a new project that would seemingly replicate the Lightning Development Kit and Bitcoin Development Kit projects, providing developers access to bitcoin mining projects focused on integrating bitcoin mining into various novel use cases.

The blog also describes how the company has started developing their own bitcoin mining semiconductor chips, saying that “These purpose-built application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are the leading way bitcoin is mined today and will serve as the foundation for a full suite of bitcoin mining products intended to increase the pace of innovation in bitcoin mining.”

Block then says it is considering building the MDK, and they are seeking further feedback from the community. The MDK as Block “currently envisions it” would have four components:

  1. A “powerful, reliable, industrial-grade” bitcoin mining hashboard.
  2. A custom controller board designed to work with the hashboard.
  3. Open-source firmware, a software API and a web front-end, that would allow developers to modify the key performance parameters of the hashboard.
  4. And extensive reference materials and support documentation “to facilitate easy customization of the hashboard.”

“The intention behind the MDK is to provide developers with a suite of tools to help unlock creativity and innovation in bitcoin mining hardware,” describes the blog. “With the MDK, we see a significant opportunity to increase the accessibility and openness of bitcoin mining hardware, in order to accelerate innovation in the field.”

Block’s Bitcoin Hardware Lead Thomas Templeton said thatWe want this product to really be inspired by the developers‘ feedback and that’s one of the reasons why we are looking for input to help shape what the MDK will be, identify pain points that the community is finding and make them better. If we can get meaningful input on these ideas to make bitcoin mining more open and accessible via products like a mining development kit, we believe that the bitcoin ecosystem — and Block — will both benefit.“

The post ends with a promise of future updates in the coming weeks and months, and a call to action for feedback that can be directed to


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