Users will now be able to use the payment service to instantly support content sources using Bitcoin without registering an account.

Mash, a monetization service powered by Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, has announced that people will no longer have to create an account on the service in order to utilize it.

According to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, “We’ve extended a large number of our widgets to allow users to donate and spend without creating an account on Mash. You have the additional option to scan and contribute with another lightning wallet for a donation, to purchase something and more. You can use any lightning powered wallet including CashApp, Strike, Breeze and Zebedee.”

Anyone can now go to sites that have Mash integrated and utilize the feature, by selecting „pay with another lightning wallet,“ scanning with a Lightning wallet, and then confirming the transaction.

The feature has also been extended to the Mash button so that you can donate easily without being logged in.

“There are multiple options immediately available, including a regular Lightning invoice, LN-URL QR code that you can and choose the amount in the other wallet, and a Lightning address that all creators and builders get,” describes the release.

Some of the benefits of integrating with Mash, according to the release, include one-click boosts and payments, a fluid mobile experience and auto-contributions.


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