The marketplace lets users buy and list any legal products in return for bitcoin and is running a holiday promotion until November 28.

Scarce City, a bitcoin-focused marketplace, has launched a marketplace that sells anything in exchange for bitcoin known as SatsCrap, per a release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

SatsCrap allows users to list or purchase products with bitcoin and thus maintain user privacy. Anyone with a device connected to the internet can list or purchase a product with no Know Your Customer (KYC) data collected. The marketplace does not use logins, bank accounts or a registration process.

“We’re already seeing strong listing and buying activity among our alpha community,” said Chris Tramount, CEP (chief executive pleb) of SatsCrap parent company Scarce City. “Sending a small amount of bitcoin as collateral is meaningfully easier than creating an account and linking a bank account.”

Furthermore, SatsCrap is celebrating the holiday season and its launch with a 5% discount on purchases and listing fees until Cyber Monday, on November 28.

The Scarce City team has already sold over 250 BTC worth of bitcoin-based products on its platform and is hoping to extend that expertise across a broader market with SatsCrap.

“The Bitcoin holder base is as strong as ever – Bitcoiners in the developed world can’t stack enough of it and people in hyperinflating countries increasingly rely on it for essential purchases,” said Tramount. “We believe the time is right to break out of our niche and expand Bitcoin’s global circular economy.”

The team behind SatsCrap hopes to deliver a unique experience by easing the listing process and allowing vendors to earn bitcoin for sales for the lowest rates on the internet, per the release.


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