Bitcoin is a nascent technology and like the days of flip phones, it has a ways to go until it reaches a similar stage like where we are today with smartphones.

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In this episode of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” hosts C.J. Wilson and Josh Olszewicz discuss how the “sausage is made” internationally, why there is no pivot coming to save us and how fast food could be the next big winner for investors. Olszewics discussed how many people are coming to the realization of just how much power the Federal Reserve wields, which is much more than people in our generation ever imagined. “We are optimistic that things are going to reverse course and net assets will be saved, which is not the case.”

Everything is laser-focused on inflation right now, which means you are going to see high unemployment, housing mortgages evaporating, auto loans collapsing and consumer debt being at an all-time high. Inflation affects everything.

Wilson and Olszewicz discuss the effects of a credit-based economy. Wilson states, “We live in a country with over $90 trillion in debt and only $9 million in the money supply. This has caused the ice to start thinning, and eventually, someone will fall through the cracks.” Olszewicz continues, “That is the argument for the inability to raise our own government debt interest payments above 5%. It would exceed anything that we could even think about paying and be the single biggest line item other than the defense budget. Politicians often do not think about the impact of the money they are spending now and its potential to increase our future inflation.”

Olszewicz states, “It has only been 14 years since [the Bitcoin] white paper, the network was launched in 2009, and it has had 99.98% uptime. Over time, people age out of the CEO or CIO role and the new generation comes in and sees this as more than just an alternative asset.”

Wilson continues, “Social media platforms are only around 20 years old, which is only a little older than Bitcoin. People are being born now that do not know about how these platforms started, just that they are operational. It is similar in terms of smartphones. Some people forget that there was first Motorola, then Sidekick, and then came the iPhone. We are not even at the iPhone [stage] of Bitcoin yet.”


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