Bitcoin mining can use organic materials, such as methane, which contributes to climate change, therefore reducing the environmental impact from the gas.

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In this week’s episode of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” hosts C.J. Wilson and Josh Olszewicz are joined by special guest Daniel Batten to discuss bitcoin mining using organic materials. Batten is an expert on methane and explains the benefits of bioavailable energy. “If you are taking your power source, such as natural gas that would otherwise stay in the ground, it is carbon positive when you take it out of the pipeline. This will contribute to carbon emissions and is absolutely the type of bitcoin mining we want to do.”

Batten goes on to talk about how there is another form of methane that does not come from the ground and is freely emitted into the atmosphere. “This comes from farms or anywhere you have anaerobically decaying organic matter, which are things that rot without air. Global warming is about several different emissions that all have their global warming potential. If we compare methane to carbon dioxide, methane is more warming and breaks down faster than carbon dioxide and then turns into it.”

The United Nations Environment Programme has stated that methane is the strongest lever to reduce climate change over the next twenty-five years. “This is because it increases at a parabolic rate and is 84-times more warming than carbon dioxide. If you can find a way to use it as a fuel source, you are removing it from the atmosphere.”

Wilson, Olszewicz and Batten discuss the benefits to our environment of using these emissions and potential ways to do so. They wrap up the episode by talking about how this is not a single-solution problem and many preventative measures will need to be put in place to impact climate change. Batten states, “There is enough landfill gas around the world to power the Bitcoin network many times over. Bitcoin does not produce enough energy to solve this problem single-handedly.”


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