IBEX will be the official payments sponsor for Bitcoin Amsterdam and Bitcoin 2023 enabling attendees to transact in bitcoin on and off-chain using Lightning.

Bitcoin Magazine has partnered with IBEX as its official payment sponsor for the Bitcoin Amsterdam and Bitcoin 2023 conferences.

The partnership between IBEX and Bitcoin Magazine will allow conference attendees to transact purely in BTC at both conferences without ever needing to touch fiat currency through IBEX’s Pay Lightning integration.

“We're extremely proud of having been chosen as the official lightning payments sponsor by BTC Inc,” said Jose Lemus, CEO of IBEX.

The Bitcoin Amsterdam conference is taking place from October 12-14 at the world-famous Westergas venue. Additionally, users can visit the Bitcoin Magazine online store to purchase tickets for Bitcoin Amsterdam with bitcoin, as well as other merchandise and apparel.

Furthermore, IBEX enables bitcoin payments both on-chain and leveraging the Lightning Network, thereby allowing users to interact with their wallet of choice.

Additionally, later this quarter, IBEX is expected to be fully integrated for payments through the online store and for Bitcoin 2023 in Miami.

“At IBEX we believe that BTC Inc is the premier Bitcoin media company in the world and we believe that by partnering together we will deliver the best Bitcoin payments experience to all attendees and customers giving them a glimpse into the future,” said Lemus.

IBEX was founded in 2018 and works to connect banks, wallets, exchanges and traditional financial institutions to Bitcoin by leveraging the Lightning Network. The company has a suite of integrations such as IBEX Hub which connects existing financial services to the Bitcoin Network.

Additionally, IBEX Pay is a simple plug-and-play POS system enabling merchants to accept bitcoin with no technical hurdles, and IBEX DWM serves as a wealth management platform for high net-worth individuals. 

Bitcoin Amsterdam and Bitcoin 2023 are a subsidiary of BTC Media, which also owns and operates Bitcoin Magazine.


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