The job posting details an enterprise SaaS platform to innovate ecommerce and cybersecurity leveraging Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

  • MicroStrategy is looking to hire a Bitcoin software engineer.
  • The new hire will be tasked with building an enterprise-grade ecommerce and cybersecurity SaaS platform based on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.
  • The job posting shows preference for Bitcoin and Lightning developers, but also considers some DeFi experience.

Software analytics firm MicroStrategy, the largest corporate holder of BTC, is hiring a Bitcoin software engineer to build a new Lightning-based enterprise platform.

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) product will provide institutions with “innovative solutions to cyber-security challenges and [enable] new ecommerce use-cases,” per the company’s job posting.

MicroStrategy has risen to become not only one of the largest holders of bitcoin in the world with over 130,000 BTC on its balance sheet, but also for trying to expand the ecosystem in creative ways.

When Michael Saylor stepped down from his position of CEO to become executive chairman, he announced that the decision was made so he could focus on Bitcoin initiatives and acquiring more BTC.

MicroStrategy’s continued foray into the ecosystem builds on Saylor’s previous intentions to focus purely on expanding the network. In fact, in accordance with his often-discussed Bitcoin maximalist ideology, the job posting lists a few things that should be the “focus” of anyone looking to apply to the engineer position. The company wants applicants to have contributions to Bitcoin Core and experience with SaaS solutions leveraging Bitcoin’s blockchain or the Lightning Network.

This past August, Saylor and MicroStrategy also became the target of the D.C. attorney general who announced his intention to sue both parties for alleged tax fraud.


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