Daniela Brozzoni has been working on the Bitcoin Dev Kit to offer a wider variety of options for generating addresses and sending money to bitcoin users.

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In this week’s episode of “Bitcoin Bottom Line” hosts C.J. Wilson and Josh Olszewicz interview Daniela Brozzoni, a young Bitcoin coder. Brozzoni has recently been working on a library for building wallets called BDK (Bitcoin Dev Kit). This library includes codes for generating addresses and sending money to offer a wider variety of options to bitcoin users.

Wilson asks Brozzoni about the QR codes that are interchangeable between Lighting and on-chain and the cost that comes with this. She believes that we will have different wallets for different needs in the future, but it is difficult to explain to users that they might pay less than one cent in fees or up to two euros. For advanced bitcoin users, having the option for a transaction to be either Lightning or on-chain could be highly beneficial.

Brozzoni states, “I believe the single seed wallets that we just use for paying for coffee on-chain will disappear and extremely complex wallets for storing funds in the long term will appear.”

Wilson adds, “People talk about bitcoin as if you’re going to be your own bank, but most people are only good at being their own wallet. They can spend and receive, but once you become a vault, you have to become more secure, and it adds more complex layers.”

Brozzoni goes on to discuss her grant from Spiral and how she was able to obtain it. Wilson, Olszewicz, and Brozzoni transition into discussing both the positives and negatives of anonymity in the space. They then discuss the benefit of analyzing the questions about the market from individuals who know less about Bitcoin and how these questions allow them to educate others effectively. Wilson says that the more people he meets in Bitcoin, the more he likes it and realizes that he needs to learn more.

To stay updated on what Brozzoni is doing, follow her on Twitter or join the BDK Discord.

Listen to the full episode for more.


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