It’s our duty to do everything we can to create a better world for future generations. Bitcoin is the main way to protect wealth for our children.

This is a transcribed excerpt of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” hosted by P and Q. In this episode, they are joined by Eric Cason to talk about why bitcoin is so important to move humans in the direction of a sustainable world and incorruptible government. Cason tells his story and how Bitcoin has let him have more hope for a better world and how he plans to continue making it better for his children.

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Eric Cason: For me, one of the things that Bitcoin really gives to me is — I’m married and I have two kids — I have to participate in fixing money for my children because I can’t give them this world in the state it’s in and be able to face them as adults in the future. I have to be able to have a good explanation for what I was doing to try to make the world a better place now.

So that when they are adults, even if I lose, they can be like, “Well, Dad fucked up. Like he was on the right path.” For the most part, I just need to know that I am meaningfully trying to change the future. To me, Bitcoin is the single most important way to do that.

Watch or Listen to the rest of podcast to hear more about how Bitcoin will save humanity and why it’s our duty to make positive change for future generations.


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