The project, funded with bitcoin, provided the Igbaruku village with clean water, where the community previously had to travel miles to reach a contaminated water source.

  • Built With Bitcoin has completed a clean and sustainable water project in Nigeria.
  • The Igbaruku community, with over 1,000 villagers, will no longer need to use a contaminated and unsafe water source that is miles away.
  • The project was completed in May and cost around $6,000 in BTC at the time.

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation has built a water well in Nigeria which will provide villagers with clean drinking water and quality bitcoin education.

Image via Built With Bitcoin Foundation

Igbaruku Community, in the Kogi state of Nigeria, Africa houses over 1,000 villagers who were forced to walk many miles each day to reach the only water source remotely close to them. The water there is contaminated and causes complications with the villagers often leading to waterborne sickness.

Additionally, the long distance from the village routinely causes the youth of the community to miss school, or simply lose time with their families and friends. At times, the travel places these minors in danger due the the environment of the region.

Moreover, the isolation of the community has removed them from comforts often taken for granted, such as: clean water, electricity, sanitation, education, banking services and other basic necessities.

Now, not only does the community have a clean and sustainable water source, but the community experienced the use of bitcoin first-hand while workers educated the community on its use. Throughout the development of the project Igbaruku received grassroots education on Bitcoin and financial inclusion in the community’s native language.

Image via Built With Bitcoin Foundation

“At the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, we operate all around the world to provide communities with clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian support, all powered by Bitcoin,” said Yusuf Nessary, co-founder & director of philanthropy at Built With Bitcoin.

The project was completed in May and cost around $6,000 in BTC at the time. Bitcoin Magazine and its parent company, BTC Inc, helped to support this project.

“Thanks to the donations collected at this year’s Bitcoin Conference, this community in Nigeria has a new water system to keep them hydrated and healthy—allowing them to thrive in school, work, and life,” Nessary concluded. 


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