OpenNode will provide infrastructure for Launch Cart to leverage Bitcoin’s Lightning Network allowing any business on the platform to accept bitcoin as payment.

  • OpenNode partnered with Launch Cart to enable eCommerce businesses to accept bitcoin as payment.
  • Launch Cart is a SaaS provider dedicated to lowering barriers of entry into eCommerce.
  • Launch Cart will also be launching a wholesale dropshipping platform for its users.

OpenNode, a Bitcoin infrastructure provider, has partnered with eCommerce platform Launch Cart to enable any eCommerce business leveraging Launch Cart’s platform to accept bitcoin as payment, per a press release.

„We are super excited to give our customers the ability to accept Bitcoin using OpenNode and the Lighting Network,” said Greg Writer, CEO of Launch Cart.

With this addition to Launch Cart’s platform, the release explains the use of bitcoin as payment will eliminate issues of fraud by leveraging instantaneous and immutable payments through Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. This will also save the business time and fees by removing intermediaries from the process while also enabling automatic fiat conversions to local currencies, meaning business owners need no technical experience with bitcoin to accept it as payment.

“This will help Launch Cart grow globally and become the leader with our On-Demand platform and Source & Sell Marketplace,” said Writer. “We feel we are a great partner for OpenNode to help them with their mission to empower and connect the world with Bitcoin.“

Furthermore, Launch Cart will be releasing an integrated dropship marketplace called Source and Sell which will enable eCommerce stores to list products at wholesale costs. The on-demand nature of this marketplace will allow businesses to list their products without upfront inventory costs, backend fulfillment, or supply chain logistics.

Launch Cart is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company looking to lower the barrier of entry for businesses and consumers alike to interact with eCommerce as easily as possible with low upfront costs. Similarly, OpenNode seeks to remove barriers of entry for businesses and consumers who wish to interact with Bitcoin, and the company is compatible with every bitcoin wallet. 


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