Fountain, a podcast platform for creators and consumers, now allows users to earn bitcoin while listening to shows and ads with a host of other features.

  • Fountain now allows its users to earn bitcoin while listening to their favorite podcasts.
  • Users of the platform can also be paid to support their favorite creators as well as for listening to ads.
  • Fountain users have access to a unique set of features not typically found on platforms designed for content consumption.

Fountain, a podcast streaming app with unique features to support content creators, now allows listeners to earn bitcoin while they listen to their favorite podcasts, per a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

“The time and attention we give to tech platforms is incredibly valuable. Every minute that you spend consuming content, creating content, or viewing ads, increases the value of the platform you’re using,” Fountain CEO Oscar Merry said in the release.

“Most free apps we use every day don’t recognise or reward this – but Fountain is different. It’s the only podcast app that rewards both listeners and podcasters for the value that they bring to the platform,” Merry continued.

Image via press release.

Users of the Fountain platform can not only listen to their favorite podcasts, but also clip their favorite moments and share them with their friends. In addition, Fountain offers a way for their users to actually make money from sharing these clips.

Also, users can choose to “Boost” a comment by paying to get a particular comment seen by creators. Additionally, users can choose to stream money directly to the content creator of the podcast. Furthermore, Fountain Promotions allows users to get paid for listening to ads, creating a unique experience outside of the norm of consuming content.

Image via press release.

“The team at Fountain is pioneering a new category, Listen to Earn, which will allow anyone in the world with an internet connection the opportunity to earn monetary value for listening to their favorite podcasts,” said Anthony „Pomp“ Pompliano, a Fountain investor and well-known entrepreneur in the bitcoin ecosystem.

“Rather than creating a worthless native token to pay individual users with, Fountain has intelligently decided to use bitcoin, a global digital currency that has proven to hold purchasing power more effectively than any fiat currency over long time periods,” Pomp continued to explain. 


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