A proprietary cooling method from JETCOOL Technologies uses less resources, lessens costs, and improves bitcoin miner efficiency over normal immersion cooling.

  • JETCOOL Technologies Inc is releasing a new form of liquid cooling for bitcoin miners.
  • The new technology allows miners to perform with lower costs than immersion-cooling at 20% lower than average temperatures, lessening costs.
  • The company will debut its product at the Mining Disrupt Conference this July and is currently available for pre-order.

JETCOOL Technologies Inc., a leading provider of high performance computing liquid cooling, announced a sustainable, closed-loop water cooling solution to enter the bitcoin mining space, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

„The blockchain industry is growing at an incredible rate, and with it, the demand for energy-efficient solutions that can sustain this growth,” said founder and CEO, Bernie Malouin. “Our team has developed a game-changing solution that will help miners improve their power efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.”

The new cooling solution is built on modules referred to as JetPlates which is a proprietary microconvective technology that enables bitcoin miners to perform at 20% lower than average temperatures while providing a 50% cost savings over standard immersion-cooling techniques.

„By harnessing the power of our microconvective cooling technology, we can provide a cutting-edge solution that will enable miners to stay ahead of the competition and continue to grow the blockchain industry,” said Malouin.

One of the clearest differences between Jetcool technology and typically immersion or cold plate technology is the fluid does not pass over the surface. Rather, an array of fluid is used to cool the application specific integrated circuits (ASICs, or miners) where the heat is generated resulting in uniform temperature distribution. The closed loop system allows the recirculation of water which reduces electricity usage and eliminates water consumption. These systems will only use a few gallons of water in their lifetime, as opposed to the industry standard of thousands of gallons per day.

The technology will be demonstrated at the Mining Disrupt Conference this July and is available for preorder. 


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